Variety is the spice of life, and we’re not into underseasoning. Try our chai! Meet our matcha! Get into our van-illa! (We might have to workshop that last one, but you get it.)

Just log into your account to edit the flavors in your upcoming Ka’Chava delivery and treat yourself to a new taste or two (or three or four—we’ve got five options!).

Ok, first of all, we’re thrilled that you’re asking this question because it must mean you really like us. The feeling’s mutual, so fear not: there’s plenty more Ka’Chava where your last bag(s) came from.

Whether you’re looking to add more bags to a single upcoming delivery, or increase the frequency of how often our Superblend ends up at your doorstep, you hold the keys to the kingdom. Just log into your Ka’Chava account to edit as needed and crank up the Ka’Chava to your heart’s content.

Too much of a good thing? It can happen. Sometimes we overdo it, too. Maybe we’re overdoing it on this very Q&A page. You tell us!

But in terms of your order…we can help you reign things in. Logging into your Ka’Chava account lets you pause, delay, and reduce the frequency of your upcoming orders so you can have just the right amount of Ka’Chava in your life at any given time.

We make trying Ka’Chava a completely risk-free experience. Our Money-Back-Guarantee means exactly what you think it does: if you don’t love Ka’Chava for any reason, we’ll give you a full refund for up to one bag of each flavor. Reach out to start the return process and we’ll issue a refund as soon as we receive your returned bag—even if it’s empty.

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